Reindeer Food


My girls have always been very worried about making sure that not only Santa received some homemade cookies when he visited, but that his reindeer were fed as well. We used to leave carrots till I heard about special reindeer food. It is super easy to make and the best part is, that after you sprinkle it on the lawn, it glitters and shows Rudolph where to land.

Reindeer Food

Clean Jar with lid
Granulated sugar
Colored sugar

Start with a clean jar, I am using one from a pasta sauce. You can pick whatever size you like, the larger the jar, the more you can fill it. Start with some oats and then add regular sugar. To make the jar prettier, I add some colored sugar on top of that. Repeat the layers till your jar is full. We used some jewely thingys (I have no clue as to their actual name) and glued to the side. You cna even use sticky foam pieces for this part. For the cover we cut a piece of felt and held it in place with a rubber band. Wrap yarn around a few times to hide the rubber band and tie in a bow. Attach the directions to the jar.


I hope the kiddos enjoy this easy and simple treat they can offer Rudolph for Christmas.


About keepingiteasyandsimple

I have been married for 20 years and have 3 children. My oldest is 20 and currently in the National Guard. My daughters are 15 and 11 and involved in everything. I believe life is difficult enough, that we can find ways to make the everyday just a little easier and perhaps even more simple. I love to cook, shop and make things with the kids.

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