Chicken Enchilades

Chicken Enchilades

We love Mexican food, but often it can seem a little heavy. I found this recipe several years ago and changed it a little to suit our tastes. Part of what I like about it is that it can be made low fat quite easily. Someday I want to substitute plain greek yogurt for the sour cream and see how it turns out.

10 Flour Tortillas
3 c Cooked Chicken
1 pound Favorite Melting Cheese such as Monterey, Pepper Jack or Mexican Cheese

Filler Sauce:
2 c Sour Cream
1 medium Onion Diced and Sauteed
1 bunch Fresh Cilantro
1 Tb Cumin

Topping Sauce
1 c Sour Cream
1/2 c Chicken Broth
1/2 c Salsa Verde

Remove the leaves from the cilantro as best you can. You can leave the smaller stems but the thick ones can be a little hard and noticeable in the end product. I push all the leaves into a big pile and roll up, then chop it up. This is much faster and prevents bruising to the leaves.

You may have noticed that I try to be as frugal as possible and generally am not a brand follower. There are some items that I am careful about what I buy, sour cream falls into that category. There is only 1 major brand I purchase and that is Daisy, the only generic is from Wal Mart. The reason is because of the listed ingredients on the container. Look on the vast majority of brands and the ingredient list is 10 or more items, most of which I have no clue how to pronounce . Compare that to the Daisy brand as you can see below that really is much more simple, just cream. (I apologize for the photo, it did not seem so blurry on my camera.)

Combine the onions, sour cream, cilantro and cumin and set aside as the filler sauce.

In a separate container combine the sour cream, salsa verde and chicken broth as the topping sauce.


Before you start to roll your enchiladas, the tortillas need to be warm. If they are cold they tend to crack. Either lay them on the counter till they are room temperature, or warm in the microwave for a few seconds. Another option is to wrap in tin foil and place in the oven at 300 while you are mixing the sauces. Lay out the warmed tortillas and evenly distribute the filler sauce and 1/2 of the cheese.

Follow up with some cooked chicken.

Spray a 9×13 pan with grease and place in the filled tortillas. I can get 10 in at at time.

Cover with the Topping sauce.

Sprinkle the remaining cheese on top, cover with tinfoil and place on the middle rack of a preheated 350 degree oven for 30 minutes or bubbly.

Ooey, gooey goodness

Serve with re-fried beans or green rice and have a fiesta!


About keepingiteasyandsimple

I have been married for 20 years and have 3 children. My oldest is 20 and currently in the National Guard. My daughters are 15 and 11 and involved in everything. I believe life is difficult enough, that we can find ways to make the everyday just a little easier and perhaps even more simple. I love to cook, shop and make things with the kids.

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