Cleaning Hood Screens, Drip Pans and More

Cleaning Hood Screens, Drip Pans and More

So I am online and see a great idea for cleaning the screens over the oven. Usually I use Dawn but this seemed easier so I wanted to give it a try.

Large Pot
Boiling Water
1/2 c Baking Soda

Screens Before

I put a large pot of water boiling on the stove and figure in for a penny, in for a pound and I may as well do the burners too. I removed the burner trays from under the coils, which meant there was another mess to clean up underneath those. The water was now at a rolling boil so I added 1/2 c of baking soda (a little at a time as it will fizz up) then added the screens and drip trays. The one downside I could see is that one burner was not going to get done as it was being used.

Drip Pans Before

I swished 1 screen around for maybe 10 seconds and you can see the split screen (could not resist) difference it made below. This was going to be FAR easier than using Dawn to clean them!

After a few seconds

Yes, I could replace the screens and skip the whole process but that would require 2 things. One, actually remembering to go to the store and find them. Two, that I would be lucky enough to find the right size here in Smallville. Plus the screens look great as do the burner trays.

Screens After

I think the trays could use 1 more go round in the pot, but I will save that for another day.

Drip Trays After

This was so successful I wanted to try it on my toaster oven.

I wanted to clean the rack but it would not fit into my pot.

Not perfect but much better.

What do you think, are you going to give it a try?

I do want to credit the site that gave me the original idea. One Good Thing


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