Girl Scout Leader Binder


I have a binder that i use to keep my year’s plan in. I found that it allowed me to plan further into the future and stay organized in the process. Each section has dividers so I can immediately flip to where I need to go.

The very first thing is a general view of the year. It has all the events that happen every year listed by month so that I don’t forget to include those activities.

Behind this is the badges we are currently working on.

Next is my outdoor checklists. As girls pass a skill I keep track so that I know which girls are ready for things and which girls are not. As new girls come into the Troop this becomes VERY important because I cannot keep track after awhile. The page below is for knife skills. I also have checklists for reading the weather, preparing for a hike, 10 essentials, basic camping skills, clothing/shoes for various situations and basic first aid.

Next is a current copy of the Troop handbook 2012.

Each year I try to get the parents to volunteer for ways to help. Commit early but always make sure to follow-up before the last minute to make sure they still can help.


Now I have dividers for every month of the year. Within each section I have the following. This first form I found online and is a report Troops were asked to submit to their Service Unit. I use it for my own reference so I can go back and see what we have been doing. It also allows me to tell any interested girls what we have been doing for the last several months.

I use to print off monthly calendar pages where I write down field trips, meeting ideas, contact information and things I need to do. I hand out the calendars to the girls for their own reference, minus the information that only I need.


If we are working on a Council Own’s badge I keep a copy of the requirements in my binder.


I keep 5 forms in this section. The first is specifically for planning something outdoors.

The second form is specifically for planning ceremonies. As it usually takes a few meetings to nail everything down, it helps me to keep track of what the girls want.

The next form is to plan any event. It is a generic form that asks the basic questions of who, what, where, when and how much. As items are purchased for an event they are stapled to the form. After the event the treasurer can easily give a report of how funds were spent and if we stayed in budget. The reporter can use it to send a story to the newspaper if we vote to do so.

A donation request form.

The final form is for first aid reports. Any incidents are written down in case parents have a question.


This section is where I place general ideas that can be used as filler any time of the year. I might have brochures, fliers or business cards in here. The pamphlet below has a lot of great ideas that I found from Black Diamond Council.

I keep a flier of the old religious awards.


In the pockets I always keep a notepad, a couple of envelopes and the Color Guard lines.

I try to keep it simple as I keep many other things in my hanging files. There are many things I don’t need to keep in my binder because they are stored in my milk crates until needed. I hope I have given you a few ideas for managing your own Troop, let me know if you have any questions.


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  1. This is a great idea, thank you so much for sharing!!! Would it be possible to get a blank copy of the forms you use? You’re so very organized and I need some help with that this year !! I’ve tried to do something like this, but never formalized it as well as you did, I’m SO going to use your ideas!!! My girls thank you too, I’m sure !!

  2. finally a current one! all the sites i had found were super old 😦 i have a binder too i love it! i have the whole year planned out my moms think im super orginized kinda crazy lol. thanks for sharing!

    • would you by chance of a list of where you found anything for organizing. I am going to have like 50 girls in my multi level troop and woul dlove to figure out how to make it work well.
      I will have 10 daisies, 20 brownies, 10 juniors, 5cadettes and 2-5 Seniors. So anything would be such a big help

      • If you have great parents. Have one or two parents “teach” each level (would have to be on 02) They would be in charge of planning badges, events, field trips, attendance, everything you as a leader would be. Then have a monthly meeting with them to just catch up on what’s going on. We do this and it works out pretty well. We send out meeting minutes (for both team and troop) to each level and to our troop email. Also have a separate parent do the financials, troop event planning, and anything else to lighten you load. It really helps make it run smooth.

  3. I would LOVE copies of all your forms also!!! Im starting my second year of leading Daisy’s and would like to be A LOT more organized this year!!!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing all of this! Could you send me all of your forms as well? I am taking on an active role as a Co-Leader of my daughter’s Brownie troop & your lay out is right up my alley. Our 1st meeting is next week & was thinking about organizing everything into a binder. Thank you so much! Have a wondeful day.

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  6. Hello,
    I just found your site, I love how organized you are! Great ideas to use all the great forms.This is my 5th year as a leader.Infact my Brownies just Bridged to Juniors today.Was a wonderful day! I have had the same 9 girls since KIndergarten, and we are now 4th grade Juniors.I have to admit,as I hang my head in shame…I find myself less organized than I’d like to be.I’d LOVE to be more organized and would LOVE any help/forms/suggestions that you’d like to share.Iam hoping this year will be a little easier since they are Juniors and some of the planning/decision making will now become some of their responsibility.Thanks in advance for any help and forms you care to share.We are Juniors now.I also LOVE the idea of the girls keeping a calander.This year each girl will have their own binder that they will have to being to meetings.At this point I have them together devided up in “Handbook” “Badges” and “Journeys” sections.They love the binder idea.We presented them with their binder today at our ceremony with the new green 100th year tote bag and new Junior pencils.It will be interesting to see how they do with this.Thanks for sharing.I am “Following” you now and look forward to seeing some great ideas for my girls.

    • Thank you very much, I am glad I could help. I think there are always better ideas out there if one is willing to keep an open mind. And if it doesn’t work, try something else. With my girls I found bribery is what got them into the habit of bringing the binders to meeting. If you had your binder, you got a piece of candy. As time goes on and it is a habit, I stop offering the candy every time. I think you will enjoy Juniors.

  7. I would love a copy of your forms as well. I am a 1st year Junior Leader, as well as Service Unit Manager (1st year at this post as well) as well as Tiger cub Assistant Leader!!! I know Lord Help ME!!! I would lLOVE a way to keep these three groups straight!! I think this idea might even work with a little tweeking for my cub scout things. Please let me know where I can find these forms. Thank you for sharing.

    • Hi! Welcome I am glad I am able to help. I posted the forms I use for regular things. I have others for camping I have not yet finished typing back up again. I tend to keep a master copy in a binder so I can just take that to the UPS Store to make copies as I need them. Let me know if you have any questions.

  8. Hello I have been doing Juniors for about 5 years now and we are always learning new things especially with the book changes. I like some of your forms. Are they able to be edited to fit our troop??? also is a great way to use a site to get info to parents!!

    • You can change anything you want but I think they are in a read only format. Computer programs are not my strong point. I will check out that site! I think we are better leaders every year as we learn new ways to do things. Thanks for stopping by.

  9. I am a “binder” nut! I am starting a daisy troop and i would love to your blank forms. Can you please send them to me?? I would appreciate it!

  10. I love your site!!! Is there anyway that I could get a set of blank forms that you use? I am a new brownie troop leader and I need all the help I can get!!! LOL

  11. I would LOVE copies of your forms too! I am just getting involved and would love the benefit of a Girl Scout Village to guide and assist me! Thanks in advance!

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