Juliet Low founded Girl Scouts 100 years ago when she decided that girls should have the same opportunities as boys in England who were in Boy Scouts. Every year we honor her memory on October 31st, which was her birthday. It has become a tradition for many Troops, Service Units and Councils to do something to celebrate. Not everyone throws a party, many use it as a day they give service to others. For example, have the girls collect items needed for a simple birthday party (cake mix, candles etc) and then donate several kits to a local food bank or shelter.

Girls can earn a badge created in Savannah Georgia just to honor this special day. It is called Daisy’s Neighborhood.

The Eaglett film was created to promote the young organization and you can see Juliet in a small bit. While youtube is great, many Councils have copies you can borrow to view.

Several years ago the girls in my Troop made a poster about Juliet. it was so well done that I had it laminated and every year a couple of girls use it to teach the newest Girl Scouts about our founder. If you enter items from your Troop into the local fair, a good information poster like this is great.



Last year we made daisy hair clips. I purchase daisy flowers at the Dollar Store and cut off the stems as close to the petals as I could. Next, cut out leaves from some soft green felt. Open the clip and hot glue the flower to your hair clip. Immediately while the glue is still hot, press the felt underneath and seal it tight. The felt keeps it comfortable on the head when worn. You may have to find a way to prop the clip open until the glue dries. You can do the same thing on LARGE bobby pins or plastic hairbands. I wrap the hair-bands with green ribbon and then glue on the flowers. If you want to get fancy, a rhinestone in the center of the flower will add pizzazz.

This year for our party the girls get to dress up as their favorite badge. I will post a couple of pictures next month.

Below are a few PDFs that you might find helpful in planning your own celebration this year. Your local Council shop shoudl have some patches you can purchase to commemorate the day.

A website is dedicated to her BIRTHPLACE.

National details the HISTORY of the Girl Scouts.

Many Troops make trips to Savannah Georgia to visit First HEADQUARTERS.

A simple crossword to see who knows their history. CROSSWORD

The idea behind a Flat Juliette (also called a Flat Stacy) is to create an easily portable doll. Each Troop decides who they want to send the doll home with. It can be the girls who made them, another local Troop or even mailed to Troops across the country. The girl reports back the things she did with the doll. When another Troop has her, they report as well and send pictures. You can ask for the doll back or not, it is up to the girls to decide. BODY and UNIFORM You can just color the doll or even use glitter. I suggest printing on card stock and if you want to seal it, use a laminator or clear contact paper.


This is more of a creative speech than a skit, but it gives great information about the Friendship Fund. FUND SKIT

I have heard some leaders wonder if Juliette would like Halloween parties mixed with her birthday celebrations. Her is her opinion. it. HALLOWEEN

I have used this puppet pattern several times. Fair warning, print off extra copies as usually at least 1 girl will color the chin as the mouth. PUPPET





A little background is always nice when you are celebrating. HISTORY

This is a simple skit that even Daisy girls can master with very little rehearsal. SKIT

This skit is better suited for older girls as it requires lines, actions and props. THE FOUNDING OF GIRL SCOUTSt

Poetry dedicated to Juliette Gordon Low. POEMS

This quiz covers a bit more than just Juliette. QUIZ





Here are some fun quotes that give a good idea of what our founder was like. QUOTES

If you want to get formal there are a couple ceremonies to try. FOUNDERS DAY CEREMONY and OCTAVIA’S JOURNEY


What has your Troop done to celebrate?


About keepingiteasyandsimple

I have been married for 20 years and have 3 children. My oldest is 20 and currently in the National Guard. My daughters are 15 and 11 and involved in everything. I believe life is difficult enough, that we can find ways to make the everyday just a little easier and perhaps even more simple. I love to cook, shop and make things with the kids.

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