The Safety Award pins are a fun way for girls to learn issues of safety at various levels. I don’t take WHOLE meetings to focus on them, instead I make them a part of our year. Being safe is a constant concern of every leader so if you use each opportunity to touch on some aspect of it, the girls should easily be able to earn the pin over the course of the year.

Since all the requirements are in the Guide Books, I did not type out the entire statement. Instead I have suggested activities that will be easy to incorporate into your regular activities and meetings. I divide them by the areas they touch on, as you will see below. This might help you to think of ways and opportunities to bring up the subject. Badges where the subject can be connected are underlined. These are only suggestions and will depend on how you approach the badges themselves.


1. How to be safe at school? This most likely was covered the first week of school but you can extend it to include how to be safe at your meeting place.

2 Map of town. This is done during the Quest Journey and can be done when the girls are deciding what kind of things they want to do this year. Use a map to see what opportunities are available for your Troop. When going camping and hiking, the girls should also know where to get help. It can be applied to the Celebrating Community and Letterboxer Badges depending on how extensive the map and how it is used. .

4 Plan a trip. I do this anytime we have a trip outside the meeting place. They can start learning about the Activity Checkpoints that all Troops must abide by.

3 How does a smoke alarm work? Visiting a fire department, have an evacuation drill at your meeting place, talk about the emergency signal on tv and radio.

5 Natural disasters. What is typical of the area you live in and what should the girls do? I highly suggest this be a small discussion in the Troop and that they talk it over with their parents. Their family may have a plan in place and you don’t want to say something different. A simple form sent home with the girl that can be returned signed by the parent would tell you they have discussed it. Could be a part of their First Aid or my Family Story Badges.


1 Common injuries. This is easily covered in First Aid and could also be covered in Practice with a Purpose, Staying Fit, and Camper.

2 Emergency evacuation drill. The girls will do these at their school quite frequently and will even participate in a bus evacuation drill every year. However, do they know what to do at your meeting place or home? The Independence Badge could fit here.

3 Weather Signs. Weather is an important outdoor skill the girls should be learning if they intend to hike and camp. Start with a simple field trip and discuss how the weather will impact your plans. Progress to emergency situations and what the girls need to be prepared to do. This can be connected to Practice with a Purpose, Gardner, Camper and Geocascher.

4 Bicycle Safety. Some schools have bicycle programs at the elementary level and a simple call to the district will let you know if yours does. This could fit in with Practice with a Purpose, Staying Fit and Independence. Also show them the current standards from the Activity Checkpoint.

5 Hazard identification. Walk around your meeting place and see if they can spot potential hazards indoors and out. What hazards should they watch out for if your area were to have a major emergency such as a wind storm, earthquake or tornado? Whatever issues are typical of your area. Detective and Independence badges are opportunities to do this activity.


1 Make a rooms safe.
a.. If you life in areas that are prone to tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes, you could focus on those emergency situations.
b. Otherwise they can do it as part of their Babysitter Badge. Or learning First Aid as the prevention side of it.

2 Water Safety. If you are going in anywhere near the water this should be discussed with the girls before you go. Activity Checkpoints should be shown to the girls so they can understand more of the planning process. As a badge, if the girls participate in a water sport such as swimming, diving, water polo or crew, the Good Sportsmanship Badge would fit in nicely.

3. Teach a younger girl about being lost can be applied to Girl Scout Way, Babysitter, or their LIA. & Service to Girl Scouting Bars

4 Emergency kit. This may not be something families are willing to actually create with their daughter. The Red Cross provides a great course on emergency preparedness that the Troop can take.

5 Bullying. This may or may not be a topic in your school, just ask the girls. If you are doing the aMaze Journey it will be covered there.


High schools offer so many classes and activities that you need to really be aware of what the options are in the school so that you are not repeating things the girls have already done. Every district is different and if you ever have a question I suggest contacting the school counselor.

1 Learn self defense. Many police departments offer a course for free or a small fee. Another option is to contact a martial arts studio and see if they will do a course for free for not only your Troop, but others in the area. This can be applied to Women’s Health and Cross Training.

2. Teach younger girls about safety. Girl Scout Way , Service to Girl Scouting Bars and VIT are good options here.

3 Distracted driving. If you can find a computer simulator, it teaches the effects of distracted driving far more than anything you will ever say. Drivers Ed may already deal with this subject. Car Care , Traveler, Website Designer, Behind the Ballot, and Women’s Health are Badges this subject can be discussed with.

4 Help resolve disagreements. This is a subject some health classes touch on, and certain activates that are leadership based may as well. If done correctly you could apply to Website Designer or Truth Seeker. Or they could work with a Cadette group on their aMaze Journey.

5 Drugs and alcohol. Drivers Ed and a health class will most likely deal with this subject in depth. Car Care, Traveler, Behind the Ballot ( political discussions of legalization could be touchy so tread lightly), Women’s Health, Website Designer, Truth Seeker and Voice for Animals (again, testing on animals could be a touchy subject) are the many options that fit well here.


High schools offer so many classes and activities that you need to really be aware of what the options are in the school so that you are not repeating things the girls have already done. Every district is different and if you ever have a question I suggest contacting the school counselor.

1. Pick a safety issue important to you and organize a forum where other teens can discuss the issue. Public Policy is a badge this activity can be applied with.

2. Talk to younger Girl Scouts about Internet safety and the safe use of social media.VIT and CIT awards would apply here.

3. List your duties as a counselor-in-training, volunteer-in-training, or in other leadership roles you hold. Carry the list with you and use it to make sure you’ve covered all your bases when making a safety plan for trips and events.

4. Talk to a counselor, social worker or someone who works at a local women’s shelter to find out more about how to stay safe while dating. Not just while dating, but at all times and that includes when selling cookies. This is why I might use it with On My Own.

5. Pick a sport or activity you enjoy. Find out how rules, training and safety equipment are designed to protect players. This could fall under Coaching

If you have a multilevel Troop I have COLOR DODEDactivities so it will be easier to plan when learning about safety issues.


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I have been married for 20 years and have 3 children. My oldest is 20 and currently in the National Guard. My daughters are 15 and 11 and involved in everything. I believe life is difficult enough, that we can find ways to make the everyday just a little easier and perhaps even more simple. I love to cook, shop and make things with the kids.

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