I think most girls enjoy animals so this legacy series is very popular to earn. It can be done easily in a multi-level Troop or just on an individual basis at home. Below are some suggestions for earning the various badges.

Masks or PetPuppetHeads to perform a skit
Glowing firefly from a pop bottle
Coloring Pages

Exotic pets are growing in popularity, but should people have them?
How does an animal get into a movie or tv show?
How does one become a service animal?
What are the laws in your state regarding service animals?
What animals are service animals and for whom?
How do you treat a service animal when you see one?
Who has a pet and how do you care for them?
What myths are there about various animals?
What invasive species have been released into your area? What has been the affect on native species?
What is your state animal? (pick just about any animal here because some states have a lot of state species.)
Learn to identify animal tracks
What are common injuries from pets or wild animals? What first aid would you use to treat them?
How do you prevent injuries from wild animals?
Do you have a local pest control board, and what do they do? For example, in my area they spray for mosquitoes every spring because they can become a major health problem around the lake areas due to their number.
What can you do at home to prevent pets and wild animals from making it THEIR new home?
How does the weather effect wild animals? How have natural disasters effected pet owners?
If you have a pet, does your family emergency kit include items they will need?
If there is an emergency, do you have a plan for your family pet?
How have people effected the habitats of local animals?
What animals are extinct or endangered?

Vet clinics
Animal rescue center
Local fair
Dog show
Pet store
Senior center / Assisted living facility / nursing
Aquarium – some places allow sleepovers.
Visit an airport, how do they deal with birds or other animals around the runway.
A natural history museum. Or even small local museums sometimes have animal exhibits.
Swim with dolphins.
Go snorkeling
GO fishing
Go on a hike and what animals do you see? Try one at night too.
Western University of Veterinary Medicine in Ramona California.

Charades with animals
Freeze tag with animals
Crab walk races
Animal Songs

Someone who has a service animal for vets for MS National Association
Some,one from animal control
Someone from a pest service
National Audubon Society – they can put you in touch with someone from your area.

Madagascar 3 – Discuss animal control, zoos, and circus and why they exist and if they are a good thing.
Dreamer – Horse racing, connection to animals
Quill Service animals
Flicka –
Finding Nemo – Sea life in general and the coral reef
Willie the Sparrow – Empathy and wild birds
Free Willie – Facilities like Seaworld
Lassie – Animal intelligence and connection to people
Benji – Homeless animals

Educate others on service animals.
Educate others on what you have learned about caring for animals and myths about animals?
Have an animal adoption day.
Raise food or other needs for a local shelter. Remember, you cannot raise money for another organization.
Visit a nursing home or senior center a pet for the residents.
The Great Backyard Bird Count – the next one is Feb. 15-18, 2013
Make bat boxes
Make butterfly boxes
Plant a butterfly garden
Make a bird house
Make a hummingbird feeder
Make a bird feeder. Could be something permanent or just birdseed on a pine-cone.
Is there a nearby area that had a disaster that could use help caring for their animals which have lost a home or need food?

The Costa Humane Society put together this 40 page PDF that has a lot of really great ideas.


All current badges require 5 activities to earn them If the girls do more than those 5 they can apply them to other badges. You cannot apply the same activity to 2 badges. However, I feel that a true Journey includes earning badges so I do apply an activity done towards a badge to the Journey as well because we do far more than those 5 to finish a Journey. Below are the awards the activities above could be applied to depending on how it is done.


Friendly and Helpful Peta
Considerate and Caring Petal
Respect Myself and Others Petal
Make the World a Better Place Petal
Count it Up Leaf
Making Choices Leaf
Three Cheers for Animals Journey


First Aid
Household Elf
Give Back
Quest Journey
Wow Journey

First Aid
Animal Habitats


First Aid
Night Owl
Think Big
Sow What Journey
Breath Journey

First Aid
Truth Seeker
voice for Animals


Public Policy
Firs Aid


About keepingiteasyandsimple

I have been married for 20 years and have 3 children. My oldest is 20 and currently in the National Guard. My daughters are 15 and 11 and involved in everything. I believe life is difficult enough, that we can find ways to make the everyday just a little easier and perhaps even more simple. I love to cook, shop and make things with the kids.

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