Boo loves to wear things in her hair and I came up with this idea from the supplies I purchased for the Haunted Trees. It was very simple to make and even the Daisy girls were able to do it all on their own.

Craft Glue
Sand Paper
Fall Leaves

The leaves I purchased already had some glitter on them. If you cannot find glittered leaves, spread a tiny bit of glitter glue on and you will receive the same results.

Begin by using the sandpaper to scratch the surface of the barrett. If you don’t scratch it up the glue will have nothing to really grab and your leaves will fall off.

Before gluing any leaves, arrange them in a pattern that you find pleasing. I found 4 per barrett worked pretty well. I had 2 sizes of barretts and thus 2 sizes of leaves. Once you have an arrangement you like, begin to glue them on. Give the top of the barrett a really good layer of glue and press the leaf into it for a few seconds so it has a chance to start drying. Then add your second layer and the moss to finish it off. If you like, find a coordinating ribbon that you can cut into 6 inch lengths to place behind the moss and you will have it dangling down as you wear your hair accessory.

I found the leaves on clearance at Wal Mart for .50 a package and we got 2 crafts out of them. I figure about .10 for each set of 4. The glue I already had and I found the moss and barretts at the Dollar Store. So maybe it cost $1 apiece to make them.


About keepingiteasyandsimple

I have been married for 20 years and have 3 children. My oldest is 20 and currently in the National Guard. My daughters are 15 and 11 and involved in everything. I believe life is difficult enough, that we can find ways to make the everyday just a little easier and perhaps even more simple. I love to cook, shop and make things with the kids.

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