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Teaching Art to Kids


I found this really neat site from an art teacher and she uses famous painters and paintings to teach her students. The directions are specific enough I think most people can figure it out. I love that she states what grade she did the projects with so you know what age level will work for your child.

For the Love of Art


Gingerbread house………


Nothing says Christmas like the kids gathered around a table and decorating a gingerbread house. Dumping all the candy on the table and watching them build snowmen or Christmas trees. Just looking at these picturesque houses brings back memories of a simpler time.

Unless you live in my house.

USA vs Soviet Union

Now I am not saying it is ALL my son’s fault, just that as soon as he saw the box he said “I am going to build some bunkers!”

American Side

I tried to show them the sweet ideas suggested by the manufacturer, but no. We had to have enough guns to show our military superiority.

Soviet Side

So now instead of looking at a cute little house and thinking of how sweet it was of the boy to decorate a house with his sisters, all I hear is the Rocky theme song when Ivan got his hiney kicked!!

Merry Chistmas!!!!!

Nature at work


Nothing can beat the art created in nature. Here is the bouquet Reina received for her performance in Jack and the Beanstalk this week.

Fall Flowers

Adding flowers to your weekly shopping list adds color to your home during these dark months of the year. Don’t forget this easy and simple, calorie free hostess gift this holiday season.