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Fixing the Kitchen Aid Mixer


I love my Kitchen Aid but lately the head has been wobbly when it runs. I found a video today that showed me how to fix it in less than 1 minute.


All I needed was a flat head screwdriver with a long handle. I locked it into place, pushed in a bolt,


tipped it on the side and turned a screw.


While I was at it I checked the remaining screws and tightened 3 more.

Easy peasy and the mixer head no longer wobbles. I hope this helps a few of you. Have a great day!


Cleaning Stainless pots


I love watching a movie when they display all the pots and pans hanging in the kitchen and you know darn well nothing was ever cooked in it. Anyone who actually cooks knows that the ugly grease buildup and scorch marks are impossible to get off. Or is it?

A little Bon Ami (which I can find even here in Smallville) cleans them up beautifully.

Wet the area you want to clean. Sprinkle on the powder Don’t be chintzy here, you need to get a good paste going. Using a wet rag, rub in the direction of the grain of the steel. As you do a nice thick paste should be forming from the cleanser. If not, add just a few drops of water. You will need to apply some pressure to loosen up the grease, but it comes off pretty easy.

If the grease is all the way up to the handles, see if you can remove them with a screwdriver. Doing so makes it much easier to get to all of the cooked on grime. Be sure to save all the pieces so you can put them back on!

What do you think? Let me know how it works for you!

Cleaning Hood Screens, Drip Pans and More

Cleaning Hood Screens, Drip Pans and More

So I am online and see a great idea for cleaning the screens over the oven. Usually I use Dawn but this seemed easier so I wanted to give it a try.

Large Pot
Boiling Water
1/2 c Baking Soda

Screens Before

I put a large pot of water boiling on the stove and figure in for a penny, in for a pound and I may as well do the burners too. I removed the burner trays from under the coils, which meant there was another mess to clean up underneath those. The water was now at a rolling boil so I added 1/2 c of baking soda (a little at a time as it will fizz up) then added the screens and drip trays. The one downside I could see is that one burner was not going to get done as it was being used.

Drip Pans Before

I swished 1 screen around for maybe 10 seconds and you can see the split screen (could not resist) difference it made below. This was going to be FAR easier than using Dawn to clean them!

After a few seconds

Yes, I could replace the screens and skip the whole process but that would require 2 things. One, actually remembering to go to the store and find them. Two, that I would be lucky enough to find the right size here in Smallville. Plus the screens look great as do the burner trays.

Screens After

I think the trays could use 1 more go round in the pot, but I will save that for another day.

Drip Trays After

This was so successful I wanted to try it on my toaster oven.

I wanted to clean the rack but it would not fit into my pot.

Not perfect but much better.

What do you think, are you going to give it a try?

I do want to credit the site that gave me the original idea. One Good Thing

Should You Use Fabric Softner?


It is time to do the laundry and after you have sorted and loaded the washer, it comes time to load the soap. The very last thing is to add the fabric softner. I mean, you want the clothes to smell nice and be static free, right? Except it may not be the best thing depending on what you have in that load.

Turn the bottle around and read the back label to find a warning. Fabric softners should not be used with any child’s clothing because it reduces the effectiveness of the fire retardant in the material. It should never be used with bedding for the same reason. Fire retardant is specifically put in those items in case you are asleep when a fire breaks out, this gives you extra time to make it out safely.

Fabric softner should not be used with any items made of terry cloth or fleece because it will increase the flammability of that item.

This is not brand specific! I have yet to find a liquid fabric softner that does not have this warning on the back. However, as people have become more aware of the products they use, companies are trying to make products with fewer chemicles so keep an eye out in the future for “natural” brands to prevent this from happening.

In the meantime there are natural options that you can try. Adding 1/2c of baking soda to the wash or 1c of white vinegar to the wash are two old techniques.

I hope I helped you today!

Formica Stains


It creeps into our laundry, our carpets, walls and even our counter-tops. One of the worst 5 letter words out there, a stain! It does not matter what it is or how it got there, we must find a way to get rid of it.

I learned this trick by accident about 15 years ago. I had a rust ring on my laminate countertop and nothing was getting it out. One day after I had done dishes I cam back to find I had knocked over a bottle of Soft Scrub cleaner and it had puddled on the counter. After I wiped it up, I realized that it had run onto part of that rust ring and it was gone. Totally, completely gone with no damage to the counter itself! Since then I have tried other brands (including ones from the Dollar Store) and found as long as they are a gel or soft scrub with bleach, they will do the job. The gel ensures that the cleaner stains put so it can soak into the stain. The bleach is what does the trick. A word of caution, I have only tried this on light colored laminate. If you are worried about it bleaching your counter try it is a small amount in a hidden place first.

I know you cannot see the red kool aid very well in the photo but it is much more obvious in person.

Application is pretty simple, just pour it on and let it soak at least 30 minutes and just walk away. I know, it is tempting to want to clean it up and see if it worked, but it really does need time to set.

Like magic, the stain is gone.!

Here is another spot by the stove.



Good luck and happy cleaning!