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Rosette Towels


I have a small bathroom and it takes effort to store everything and still have it looking nice when guests arrive.  By simply using 2 bath sheets purchased at Wall Mart for $4 each and 2 large rubberbands I was able to freshen up the room in less than 5 minutes.

Bath sheets really do work best and the thin ones are easier to work with so don’t use your best guest towels.

Start by folding the towels into thirds lengthwise.  It does not need to be perfect as you will mess with it in a moment.


Now hang it over the towel rack upside down so the fold is at the bottom. Slip the rubberband over the ends about 6 inches and repeat until it is nice and tight.


Adjust the ends until you get a look you like.


If you really want to get fancy tie a ribbon around the rubberband as if it were a bouquet of roses.

Easy breezy ams if people use them as hand towels you toss them right in the wash. Let me know if you give it a try.


Teaching Art to Kids


I found this really neat site from an art teacher and she uses famous painters and paintings to teach her students. The directions are specific enough I think most people can figure it out. I love that she states what grade she did the projects with so you know what age level will work for your child.

For the Love of Art

Can you do an updo?


I have tried to learn some hairstyles by looking at pictures and it just does not work for me. I have found that you can find videos in various places online. However a friend just turned me on to this wonderful site that has some very nice styles. Not only are there photos but videos to help you master the techniques. I hope you find something new for the holiday season!


The Small Things Blog/

Another site for the hair of a little girl is this one.

Hairstyles by Mommy