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Plastic pots look…..well, like plastic. Tera Cora looks better but has no personality. A cheap and easy way to have your pots match your decor inside or out is to use a little craft paint and sealer

Start with a pot, it can be new or uses. If it has been used just be sure to scrub it inside and out. It needs to dry completely before you begin painting.


Choose up to 3 colors you like. The base coat will show the least and then the top coat. The middle color is the prominent one.


Between each color allow the paint to dry. The base coat should completely cover the pot and may require 3 layers. The middle coat will be a light layer that you can see through here and there.  The final coat will be very thin and allow the other 2 colors to show through. After applying the last coat use a rag to begin wiping paint off. Continue to wipe until you get the look you want.


Allow the paint to dry overnight before applying a coat of sealer. The sealer ensures the craft paint won’t wash off when you water your plants. Because it does not have to be perfect this is a perfect project for the kids to help with ans when you are done they can help transplant. Happy spring!!!




The ham leftovers are in the fridge, dyed eggs are peeled, a chocolate bunny is missing it’s ears and the plastic eggs are back in storage.  But wait! Keep those eggs out a little bit longer this year and have some family fun.

Start by splitting all the eggs in half. Depending on the ages and abilities of those playing you can lay out 130 or just 10. They can be organized by color or all mixed up.


Under each half put an item. Make sure you always have a matching pair. It can be a paper clip, rubber band, coins, Fruit Loops, jelly beans or anything else you can come up with. Those who find a set get to eat what they find.


A benefit for little ones is the eggs are easier to pick up than the traditional cards. Also the color of the egg helps them to remember which egg had what under it.


Even teenagers have fun when candy is involved.

Have fun!

Glass Coasters



Glass Tile

This project was spurred by the simple fact the girls wanted to do it
We were in Lowe’s and looking at the clearance items when we should have been looking at wall hangers. The girls liked the tile and asked what I could do with them.

For starters we chose the tile with rounded edges. This looks so much nicer than the flat, unfinished style.


At home I pulled out some black fleece and cut into squares 1/4 smaller than the tile. Looking back I realize I should have used a rotary cutter to do it.

Next i glued the felt with craft glue.


Instant set of 6 coasters for $2. They slide very easy when pushed but stay in place when being used.

I have some ideas for next time, I’ll let you know how it goes.

Christmas Light Storage


Every year the Christmas decorations get pulled out and we think that THIS year we will be organized while putting them away. Of course by the time we put them away we are too exhausted to even think about it. That’s why now is a perfect time, before you start Spring cleaning!

I take no credit for this idea. I borrowed lights from a friend this year ans this is how they came. Wrapped neatly and organized, the only thing missing was a bow.

Start by cutting a piece of cardboard into the shape of a bone.  On each end cut a slit.


Use a marker to label where those lights are to be hung.


Using one of the slits to hold the end of the cord in place begin wrapping it around the length of the cardboard.


When you are done it should look something like this.


A fruit box works great to hold all the strands together for storage and when you start hanging them up again.  I suggest keeping the light clips and extension cords in the same box.


I hope you find this helpful and that it makes the task of hanging lights next November a little less stressful.



Poppies have been the official remembrance for Vets since WWII. It came about as a result of the famous poem Flander’s Field. Every year you will see people from the VFW handing out small poppies to wear on September 11th, The official Veteran’s Day. Another option is to simply make a few for yourself. My Girl Scout Troop made one for themselves and extras to hand out.

Red Crepe Paper (party streamers)
Black Crepe Paper
Green Pipe Cleaner
Safety Pin

The first step is to cut the red paper into circles. We found that 3 circles of various sizes looked the nicest, but you can do only 1 if you like. We also used fancy edged scissors as you can see from the picture above. However, regular will work fine as well. The fancy edge just makes the petals look a little more natural. Next, cut a tiny circle from the black paper for the center of the flower.

Stack the paper circles from largest to smallest.

Cut your pipe cleaner into thirds or quarters, depending on how long you want your stem to be. I did quarters for the one you see and a 1 inch safety-pin. Bend 1/4 inch of the tip on 1 end over and squeeze it tightly so that it looks like the end of the pipe cleaner is curved. This prevents anyone from getting poked and stops the pipe cleaner from falling out of the flower. Insert the pipe cleaner through the top of the flower, carefully holding the crepe paper while you do. If you try to rush this, you will rip the paper. Once the end has poked through, pull it the rest of the way.

Insert the other end into the loop of your safety-pin, pulling about half of the stem through.

Wrap the bottom half of the stem around the back side of the safety-pin. Not the side that opens your pin, the back side. Wrap it nice and tight. This holds your Poppie to the pin and hides it at the same time.

Now your poppie is all ready to wear in honor of a Veteran. You can personalize them by writing the name of a family or friend on a piece of card stock and inserting the pin.



Boo loves to wear things in her hair and I came up with this idea from the supplies I purchased for the Haunted Trees. It was very simple to make and even the Daisy girls were able to do it all on their own.

Craft Glue
Sand Paper
Fall Leaves

The leaves I purchased already had some glitter on them. If you cannot find glittered leaves, spread a tiny bit of glitter glue on and you will receive the same results.

Begin by using the sandpaper to scratch the surface of the barrett. If you don’t scratch it up the glue will have nothing to really grab and your leaves will fall off.

Before gluing any leaves, arrange them in a pattern that you find pleasing. I found 4 per barrett worked pretty well. I had 2 sizes of barretts and thus 2 sizes of leaves. Once you have an arrangement you like, begin to glue them on. Give the top of the barrett a really good layer of glue and press the leaf into it for a few seconds so it has a chance to start drying. Then add your second layer and the moss to finish it off. If you like, find a coordinating ribbon that you can cut into 6 inch lengths to place behind the moss and you will have it dangling down as you wear your hair accessory.

I found the leaves on clearance at Wal Mart for .50 a package and we got 2 crafts out of them. I figure about .10 for each set of 4. The glue I already had and I found the moss and barretts at the Dollar Store. So maybe it cost $1 apiece to make them.



Sometimes we just need a quick craft that is fun and cheap. Something we already have everything we need to pull off. This Halloween tree does that.

Brown lunch sack
Craft Glue
Pebbles or Rice or Dried Beans
Yellow paper (optional)
Cobwebs (optional)

Begin by tearing from the top of the bag while it is still folded, creating 3 strips. If you are not sure the child can tear straight then draw a line and let them use scissors. Open the bag and place in the pebbles, this will weigh the bag down. You don’t need much, just enough to keep it from tipping over. If you want a fluffier base than shown here, stuff it with kleenex as well.

Twist the 3 sections together to form the trunk of the tree, going up about 1/3 of the way. Now twist the remaining portion into 3 separate limbs. You may have to put a little big of glue on the trunk pieces to keep them together. Hold in place for a minute till it has time to start drying.

Form a ghost from the kleenex by cutting off 1/3 of the end and use that piece to stuff a head. Use the sting to tie a knot around the base of the head and then hang the ghost from the tree branch. This is a good time to practice those knot tying skills.

Attach the leaves with glue to the branches. Or, you can staple them on.

Glue the moss to the bottom of the bag. If you don’t have any moss (I bought it at the Dollar Store) you can also color some grass in before you open the bag up.

If you like the cobweb affect it only took a 2 inch square piece to stretch behind the branches. The moon was cut from yellow construction paper and glued on last.

This could also be a tree in the spring with green leaves and flowers in bloom. Maybe use some Easter Grass instead of the boss.
Happy Halloween!