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Christmas Light Storage


Every year the Christmas decorations get pulled out and we think that THIS year we will be organized while putting them away. Of course by the time we put them away we are too exhausted to even think about it. That’s why now is a perfect time, before you start Spring cleaning!

I take no credit for this idea. I borrowed lights from a friend this year ans this is how they came. Wrapped neatly and organized, the only thing missing was a bow.

Start by cutting a piece of cardboard into the shape of a bone.  On each end cut a slit.


Use a marker to label where those lights are to be hung.


Using one of the slits to hold the end of the cord in place begin wrapping it around the length of the cardboard.


When you are done it should look something like this.


A fruit box works great to hold all the strands together for storage and when you start hanging them up again.  I suggest keeping the light clips and extension cords in the same box.


I hope you find this helpful and that it makes the task of hanging lights next November a little less stressful.


Wooden Nativity


I love nativity sets and when I saw this idea online I knew my youngest and I could pull it off. I had only seen a photo so I had to figure out a way to make it work.

Wooden Nativity Set

2×4 board
Felt of various colors

I once again went to my friend Google and found clip art that were simple nativity shapes. I stretched as needed till they were of a consistent size and printed off my patterns.

I trimmed them and laid them on the 2×4 to determine the size each block needed to be. As you will see from the photos below, they ended up being various sizes. I had the hubby use his circular saw to cut them for me. Boo used a sand block to smooth down all the edges so that there would be no splinters. We considered staining the wood and thought it would look nice, but I was not sure how well the glue would adhere to the stain itself. So we left them looking natural.

After pinning the patterns to felt, I cut out the shapes for each block. If a person had several pieces, I cut out the main shape first and then laid the pattern on the next color and cut out the smaller details.

We used craft glue to attach the felt in layers. because we had cut the entire silhouette out in the base color, it allowed the small detail pieces to pop out a bit more.

The Star




Shepherd #1


Mary and Joseph


This craft took a few hours, but it really was pretty simple. The cutting took up the most time. Let me know if you give this nativity set a try!

Stufed Stockings


Normally one would hang the stockings by the fireplace and wait excitedly for Santa to fill them with all sorts of Godiva chocolates. This time, your family will be surprised to find them next to their dinner plates!

Silverware Stocking

Fabric Glue
Needle and thread

I began with a google search. I was looking for a clip art image of a simple stocking. I saved it to my computer and stretched it to the size I needed. Once it was printed off, I had our pattern. We laid it on yellow and red felt and traced the shape of the stockings. Once I had 10 cut out (you need 2 for each stocking) I trimmed that pattern down to form the cuff and toe. Once those were cut out, we began the gluing process.

Do not use very much, but run the glue around the edge of 1 stocking, making sure not to put any glue on the top, you need to leave that end open. Press the top and bottom pieces together and then glue on the toe and cuff. We played around a bit and decided that we liked the cuff to wrap around the stocking a little bit.

After making 3 of them, we decided that we wanted to try sewing one and see how it looked. We used invisible thread and a whip stitch to put it together. Boo and I decided it looked much nicer, but the glue held together fine.

Sewn Stocking

Decorate or personalize for each person at the table. Have fun with these simple and easy silverware stockings.

Santa Ornament


Here is an ornament to go along with the Santa bag I showed you how to make.

Santa Ornament

Here in Smallville we have 2 options for crafts, Wal Mart and the Dollar Store. I tell ya, you can find an awful lot of supplies at that Dollar Store! I found a package of several balls already covered in red glitter and picked those up. I wrapped black grosgrain ribbon around the middle and cut pieces to form the buckle. I used craft glue to attach the ribbon into place.

I Ho HO HOpe you enjoy a simple and easy ornament to hang on your Christams tree this year.

Reindeer Food


My girls have always been very worried about making sure that not only Santa received some homemade cookies when he visited, but that his reindeer were fed as well. We used to leave carrots till I heard about special reindeer food. It is super easy to make and the best part is, that after you sprinkle it on the lawn, it glitters and shows Rudolph where to land.

Reindeer Food

Clean Jar with lid
Granulated sugar
Colored sugar

Start with a clean jar, I am using one from a pasta sauce. You can pick whatever size you like, the larger the jar, the more you can fill it. Start with some oats and then add regular sugar. To make the jar prettier, I add some colored sugar on top of that. Repeat the layers till your jar is full. We used some jewely thingys (I have no clue as to their actual name) and glued to the side. You cna even use sticky foam pieces for this part. For the cover we cut a piece of felt and held it in place with a rubber band. Wrap yarn around a few times to hide the rubber band and tie in a bow. Attach the directions to the jar.


I hope the kiddos enjoy this easy and simple treat they can offer Rudolph for Christmas.

Paper Trees


These are some trees that my daughter made for Christmas this year. They are so simple but you can get as fancy as you want with them.

Three layers

Paper plate
Crayons/Markers/Colored Pencils

Start by coloring your plate with whatever medium you prefer. Boo made them green but you can make them as colorful as you like.

Next, begin cutting your plate into wedges. You need at least 3, but can go as high as four. Each wedge needs to be slightly smaller than the last. If you want to get really cray, use 2 plates and make a tree worthy of the White House.

Stack your wedges, laying the smaller ones on top of the larger and glue them in place.

Get crazy and decorate! You can just draw your tinsel and ornaments or use glitter, brick brack, gems or whatever else you happen to have on hand. Voila! You have a mini tree for the house.

Five Layers

Gingerbread house………


Nothing says Christmas like the kids gathered around a table and decorating a gingerbread house. Dumping all the candy on the table and watching them build snowmen or Christmas trees. Just looking at these picturesque houses brings back memories of a simpler time.

Unless you live in my house.

USA vs Soviet Union

Now I am not saying it is ALL my son’s fault, just that as soon as he saw the box he said “I am going to build some bunkers!”

American Side

I tried to show them the sweet ideas suggested by the manufacturer, but no. We had to have enough guns to show our military superiority.

Soviet Side

So now instead of looking at a cute little house and thinking of how sweet it was of the boy to decorate a house with his sisters, all I hear is the Rocky theme song when Ivan got his hiney kicked!!

Merry Chistmas!!!!!