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Sometimes we just need a quick craft that is fun and cheap. Something we already have everything we need to pull off. This Halloween tree does that.

Brown lunch sack
Craft Glue
Pebbles or Rice or Dried Beans
Yellow paper (optional)
Cobwebs (optional)

Begin by tearing from the top of the bag while it is still folded, creating 3 strips. If you are not sure the child can tear straight then draw a line and let them use scissors. Open the bag and place in the pebbles, this will weigh the bag down. You don’t need much, just enough to keep it from tipping over. If you want a fluffier base than shown here, stuff it with kleenex as well.

Twist the 3 sections together to form the trunk of the tree, going up about 1/3 of the way. Now twist the remaining portion into 3 separate limbs. You may have to put a little big of glue on the trunk pieces to keep them together. Hold in place for a minute till it has time to start drying.

Form a ghost from the kleenex by cutting off 1/3 of the end and use that piece to stuff a head. Use the sting to tie a knot around the base of the head and then hang the ghost from the tree branch. This is a good time to practice those knot tying skills.

Attach the leaves with glue to the branches. Or, you can staple them on.

Glue the moss to the bottom of the bag. If you don’t have any moss (I bought it at the Dollar Store) you can also color some grass in before you open the bag up.

If you like the cobweb affect it only took a 2 inch square piece to stretch behind the branches. The moon was cut from yellow construction paper and glued on last.

This could also be a tree in the spring with green leaves and flowers in bloom. Maybe use some Easter Grass instead of the boss.
Happy Halloween!