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November is traditionally a time of year we honor those first European settles to come to the Americas. It is a time to be thankful for the courage it took as many died on the seas as they made their way to a foreign land. This simple craft allows you to talk about what life was like on ships such as the Mayflower for the Pilgrims.

Blue paper
Brown craft paint
Foam paint brush

White paper
Cotton balls
Liquid glue
Glue stick
Blue paint
Blue craft foam
White craft foam

The main idea is to create a ship using a hand print. How you add the details is up to you. Begin by using the paintbrush to liberally cover the hand with brown craft paint. It is better to brush it on rather than dipping it. Slowly lay the palm flat onto the paper and press hard. Rather than lifting straight up, start with the fingertips and roll backwards. Now you have the ship completed.

In this example I used blue craft paint for the waves, but you could also color it, or cut out s different shade of blue paper or craft foam. I had the waves come over the bottom of the ship ever so slightly, but if you want to view more of the palm, have them go on first behind the ship.

The sails were cut from white paper but again, craft foam could be used for more depth.

If you would like to create some clouds, I love using cotton balls. While you may use stick glue for paper, liquid glue is needed to hold on cotton. Allow the kids to pull the balls apart for more fluff and then glue into place. You could do this in conjunction with a weather program.

Have fun and smooth sailing!




When my son was in Cub Scouts they created these cute turkeys. I used them as an inspiration for a craft for my Girl Scout Troop.

The inspiration piece

For being 13 years old this tom turkey has held up pretty well. The main issue being the unrolled raffia tail feathers that became floppy after a few years. I love keeping the things my children have made so I wanted the new ones to holdup a little better. We changed the tail to actual feathers and they have lasted 2 years with no problems.

List of SuppliesAssembly list: Wooden block, craft stick, feathers, craft paint, wiggle eyes, craft glue, craft foam or fabric or cardboard, yarn or rope or raffia, marker or pen

THE BODY: For our blocks I purchased a 2×4 at Lowes and a fine gentleman cut them into the size I requested free of charge. Next I sanded them to prevent any splinters. You can skip this step if you have a block from the craft store. You can choose to paint or stain your turkey. To stain it just dilute some craft paint with a little water. The more water you add the lighter the color of your final piece. You can also use a wood stain but be sure to do it in a well ventilated room. If you prefer the stained look use a foam paint brush of just grab a makeup sponge from your bathroom. The paint must be fully dry before you begin gluing anything down. Don’t forget to paint your turkey head as well!!

THE HEAD: We found it easiest to glue the eyes and beak onto the craft stick before gluing it onto the block. you can find a bag full of various sizes and colors at your local Dollar Store. They even have cute ones with eye lashes. For the beak cut a piece from craft foam or flannel.  You can even add a wattle if you like.

SIGN: If you use craft foam for your sign you need a special marker to write on it. These special markers won’t smear like Crayola markers. If you choose to use fabric or cardboard a Sharpie will work fine. The sign goes on the bottom of the stick so as to hang around the “neck” of your turkey. Be creative in what your sign says and have fun with it. We used yarn to hand the sign but you can use whatever you have on hand such as ribbon, rope, raffia or brown string.

TAIL: Once the front items have dried glue the feathers onto the back.As you can see from the photos below, each turkey is unique in how they were glued on. I suggest playing around a little bit before gluing them on. Hot glue works fine but for young children you can certainly use craft glue. We taped the feathers down while they were drying since we used Elmers glue this time.

Create turkeys as a window display, a centerpiece of even as place cards on your Thanksgiving table.




Eat Chicken

I hope you give this easy and simple turkey a try.