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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day



This time of year is when I buy my corn beef. It freezes well and the price can’t be beat. Some have definite preferences over flat versus point cut. The point tends to be cheaper and fattier. Easter is in March this year so I will be buying Ham pretty soon. I always stock up around holidays with those items that are on sale.


Christmas Light Storage


Every year the Christmas decorations get pulled out and we think that THIS year we will be organized while putting them away. Of course by the time we put them away we are too exhausted to even think about it. That’s why now is a perfect time, before you start Spring cleaning!

I take no credit for this idea. I borrowed lights from a friend this year ans this is how they came. Wrapped neatly and organized, the only thing missing was a bow.

Start by cutting a piece of cardboard into the shape of a bone.  On each end cut a slit.


Use a marker to label where those lights are to be hung.


Using one of the slits to hold the end of the cord in place begin wrapping it around the length of the cardboard.


When you are done it should look something like this.


A fruit box works great to hold all the strands together for storage and when you start hanging them up again.  I suggest keeping the light clips and extension cords in the same box.


I hope you find this helpful and that it makes the task of hanging lights next November a little less stressful.



What does everyone look forward to on Thanksgiving? The turkey of course! How would you like to serve up 2 this year, one for dinner and the second for dessert. We created this turkey from a cake mix and Rice Krispy Treats.

1 Chocolate cake mix + oil and eggs per directions
6c Rice Krispy Cereal
10 oz Marshmallows
3 Tb Butter


Use whatever cake mix you like or make one from scratch. All that matters is the shape you bake it into. While you could use 2 round pieces and carve them, it is easier and you waste less cake to just start off with a dome shape from the very beginning. I used the pan that came with my Barbie Doll cake set. I did have to trim the top a bit but save those pieces for later. If you want a filling that is not a problem, just slice the cake in half and put in frosting or the filling of your choice. You can even use a bunt cake and fill the hollow with more frosting. Another option is the Pampered Chef measuring bowl that is oven safe. There you plan on placing the drumsticks, you need to carve off a little cake to make it flat. The toothpicks will hold it on, but it looks more natural is you do a little trimming. you will also need to carve a little from the cavity area. Since you will be piling stuffing there, it won’t need to be perfect but it will make it look more natural once again.

Meanwhile, make a batch of Rice Krispy Treats per the directions. You have two ways to go here. I smoothed them into a pan and then cut out the turkey legs, but they ended up very flat. Next time I am going to mold them instead so they look a bit more realistic. I wanted thick drumsticks so I did not use the regular sized pan but an 8 inch square pan. The ricks is that you must work fast when molding the treats. Personally, I always reduce the cereal by a cup so that it is stickier. DOn’t be afraid to really squeeze the treats together. If they are a bit too hot for your hands, slip sandwich bags on and it will help keep the marshmallow off your fingers. Once they are ready, use toothpicks to attach to the body of your bird.

I wanted the turnkey to look roasted and that color was a little hard to get. I went with a basic white frosting and added cocoa till it got a color we liked. Frost the cake first and then the side of the drumstick that you are going to attach. I used a couple toothpicks to make sure it would stay in place. After they are attached, frost the rest of the drumstick.

DRESSING: Using the pieces of cake that were carved off earlier, cut them into cube shapes and place between the legs. A little frosting will hold it in place.

One thing that they don’t tell you on all the cake decorating shows today, is the the Rice Krispies will get soggy after several days so be sure to eat those quickly. Otherwise, it was a simple cake to make and lots of fun.