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Once again, I follow the LEARN – SEE – DO model for the Journey. We learned about food, saw how it works in our community and did something about it.


We began with pulling out store ads and discussion the prices of food items and where they come from.
How did transporting food add to its cost?
How did processing detract from the nutritional content?
What items do we need to be processed and transported to be enjoyed in our area?
What is companion planting?
Can yo do container planting if you don’t have a garden plot?
Next we discussed gardens and why people have them. Some do it for enjoyment, others for health reasons and still others to save money. So why don’t more people grow them?
You might like this video someone pieced together for the Sow What Journey.
I cannot emphasize this enough, do not just take the word of what you find online when ti comes to modern farming. Recently movies have been made that are interesting, but you always need to gather your own facts. The best way to do this is to visit a farm for yourself. Visit a food warehouse or production plant. See for yourself what modern food techniques are being used.

Rent a community garden plot for the summer and grow their own garden.
Contact the local Cooperative Extension office and requested an expert gardener come speak to the girls. She can answer any questions and gave them a lot of advice for their first garden.
The girls will learn a lot over the next several months about responsibility (weeding and watering when it was their turn) as well as the frustration of a late summer, early frost and pests.
They could pick whatever was ripe on the day they worked and prepare it in some way for their family.

The end of the summer resulted in a family bbq where the girls prepared food from the garden and talked to the families about the benefits of gardening.
Donate their harvest to the local food bank or a needy family.
Harvest the seeds and share them with others for next year.


Another direction is to discuss how we need a variety of foods. Because food is easily transported, Americans have a tendency to eat the same foods all the time. Growing season exist so that we eat a large variety of foods at different times of the year.

What kids of foods have the girls never tried?
Visit local restaurants with authentic cuisine from other countries.
Have dinner parties to try making their own recipe.
Have an Iron Chef competition.
Learn about the new food guidelines and caloric intake recommendations.
Keep a food journal and discover if you are eating as well as you thought you were. What can you easily do to change your diet?n This site not only allows you to track your food, it monitors calories, nutrition, fat as well as exercise. You set up your program the way you want.
How does activity effect our overall health and our diet?
Have fun with food and try a progressive dinner. Will a local bakery allow you to come in to learn how to bake or decorate cakes?
How do food allergies affect everyone. This includes those without allergies that are limited in what they can bring to school.
Learn alternative ways to make a food that will cater to people with gluten allergies.
What careers are there i the food industry? Careers such as chef, line cook, rancher, farmer, agronomist, teacher, writer, food critic, food taster, food developer, television and photography.
What are common injuries in the kitchen and how do you treat them?
Are there local or state laws that affect privately owned gardens? For example, last year in the news a woman who used the front yard as a garden was told by her city she had to remove it.
What foods work best for hiking, camping or just a long trip?
What are good snacks to make when babysitting?
The Blue Ocean institute offers a brochure that lists seafood that is sustainable. You can email to request the brochure.
I cannot emphasize this enough, do not just take the word of what you find online when ti comes to modern farming. Recently movies have been made that are interesting, but you always need to gather your own facts. The best way to do this is to visit a farm for yourself. Visit a food warehouse or production plant. See for yourself what modern food techniques are being used.

How hard is it to find a variety of foods in your area?
When areas are hit with a natural disaster, how do they set up a food chain again? Does your local food bank serve fresh food?
What is gleaning and is there a local group you can go out with?
Encourage the next SU Thnking Day have Troops bring foods from the countries they talk about.
Is there a Meals on Wheels program in your area you can volunteer with?
Does your food have an emergency kit with adequate food for the entire family?
Is there a cooking club you can try out?

If you don’t have one of the groups mentioned above, see if you can help get one started. If they already exist, what can yo do to help promote them?
Can you get local stores to stock a wider variety of fresh fruits and vegetables?
What about getting your own family to change their eating habits and promote the results via the local newspaper.
Create a cookbook and sell it.

All badges require 5 activities and ones related to the Journey can be applied based on how the girls do them. Below are suggestions of other awards activities can be applied to for all levels, not just your Seniors.

Courageous and Strong
Responsible for what I Say and Do
Use Resources Wisely
Making Choices
Flower Garden Journey
Between Earth and Sky Journey

First Aid
Computer Expert
My Best Self
Household Elf
Product Designer
Wonder of Wow Journey

Simple Meals
First Aid
Staying Fit
Savvy Shopper
Agent of Change Journey

New Cuisines
First Aid
Eating for Beauty
Book Artist
Night Owl
Comparison Shopping
Media Journey

Behind the Ballot
First Aid
Women’s Health

Public Policy
Dinner Party
First Aid
Your Voice, Your World Journey




After you have been in Girl Scouts a few years, this badge could easily get a little boring to earn. While I do go over the basics first thing every year for the new girls, I try to find a way to get the more experienced girls to have fun and learn something as well. I think this is a really good badge to start the year as it is a refresher for past members and a welcome for the new ones. Many activities are things we do almost every meeting so even girls who may miss a night will make them up.

The experienced girls teach many of these activities to the younger girls. Since we are a multi-level Troop I have the advantage. If you are not, the girls can make a video to share with new leaders or posters new troops can use.

Girl Scout Handshake: This requires shaking with your LEFT hand while the right hand is raised with the Girl Scout Sign It should be used every time you hand out awards.

Girl Scout Sign: This is holding up your right hand with an open palm facing out. It is used when saying the Promise and the Law as the 3 fingers stand for the 3 parts of the Promise.

Girl Scout Quiet Sign: When you need the room to quiet down you hold it up and as girls see your hand up, they will hold up theirs and be quiet. The proper way is to use the open hand, however many learned to use the Girl Scout Sign. Ultimately whatever gets the girls to quiet down is what you use, but be aware some leaders have very strong opinions on the matter.


Sing Law


We always do some sort of craft to reinforce the Law to the girls. An item they can take home and use to remind them of what Girl Scouts is all about. We have done bookmarks, bracelets, necklaces, water bottles and bandannas.

Color Guard: How the flags are presented to a group.

Plan Investiture – How new girls are welcomed into Girl Scouts.

Sit-Upons: An item intended to…..well…..sit upon. There are 3 basic types. The bucket version, the newspaper version and the pocket version. You can use them at meetings or send them home with the girls. The tradition goes back decades and started with the Brownies.

Levels: As I run a multi-level Troop it is important the girls understand who is in which level and why. For the older girls, I also make sure they understand the opportunities they will have that the younger do not.

Founders Day – Juliette Gordon Low founded Girl Scout in March of 1912 and her birthday was on Halloween so this is a good time for the girls to learn about her and plan a party. Or they can take part in a Service Unit or Council event that does.

Friendship Circle: A traditional way to close a meeting by holding hands in a circle and singing Make New Friends.

SONGS;There are many songs that were written just for Girl Scouts but there are also many we sing simply because they are fun. We try to do at least 1 a meeting and the girls can take turns leading it. I have a large selection if they want to try something new. Of course, we also sing Make New Friends in the friendship circle.

CLEANUP All girls must help with cleanup at every meeting. This includes things that may have been a mess when we arrived. We do not have to pay for where we meet and this is how we say thank you. When the weather is nice we might even do a litter patrol outside.

The girls also begin voting on activities for the year. This leads into the financial badge, but they need to understand this is THEIR Troop and we do what THEY want to do as long as we can afford it.

Finally, we vote on positions within the Troop.

It can seem to be the same badge year after year, but I believe as long as we change how we learn those subjects and the older girls begin to teach them to the younger ones, they have fulfilled the requirements for this badge. The idea is for them to feel connected with Girls Scouts past and present in a way that if fun.