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It all began way back in 1997, my oldest was headed off to kindergarten and I began my life as a parent volunteer. In June of 2012 I could not believe that my youngest was finishing up in 5th grade. For 14 years I had been driving a child to elementary school and attending PTO meetings and it was finally coming to an end. In the past the older kids had graduation ceremonies complete with caps they made themselves. Boo had transferred to a new school last year due to redistricting and they did not have a graduation ceremony, so I decided to do something for them myself.

Flat Cookies
Rolo Candy
Melted Chocolate

You can make this work for whatever school colors you like by changing the frosting and Twizzler candy. If you really want to be adventurous, melt white chocolate and use food coloring to get it the color of your school. Paint the cookies and Rolos with the chocolate for a perfect match.

To make the tassels, separate the Twizzlers into strands of 3 still stuck together. Cut to the desired length. This will depend on the size of your cupcake and cookies so cut one and see how it looks. Once they are to the correct size, slowly pull the strands apart being sure NOT to rip all the way to the end. They adhere easier is they are still together.

I did not use Reses Peanut Butter Cups because of allergies. However, Wal Mart does sell their own version of that product in a bag. When I saw them I noticed they also sell a version filled with caramel instead of peanut butter and used those instead. Make sure when you place them on the cupcake the wide end goes down and the narrow end faces up.

In this photo you can see I used frosting to attach the cookie and the white sticks out. Using melted chocolate gives a nicer finish. Because there was so much candy going on, I used a cooked frosting that is not as sweet as a buttercream.

Make cupcakes with your favorite recipe and allow to cool. Frost and begin assembly. Lay the Rolo first, and use melted chocolate to adhere the cookie to the top.In the middle of the cookie place a dab of melted chocolate to stick the Twizzler candy to. I tried using frosting and not only did it not work, but a big glob of white looked awful.

To transport them I used small, clear plastic cups. That prevented the cupcakes from losing their caps.

Next I placed each cup into a clear candy bag and tied with a ribbon. Since I was running late I forgot to take a picture.

I made enough for all 3 classrooms. While it was not a difficult project, I think the tassels took me the most time until I fugured out how to make the tassels look correct.




I saw this on Pintrest and thought it sounded like fun and gave it a try at last weeks meeting. The idea is to use tape to create a ball. As you continue to wrap the tape you add a piece of candy to stick. When the ball is complete have the kids sit in a circle. Just like musical chairs, play music and the ball is passed around. When the music stops, the person holding the ball has till the count of 5 to unwrap as much candy as they can.

I learned a few tricks that would have made this more successful. First, if you reach the end of a piece of tape, put a piece of paper so that you can find it again. If you cannot find the end you have to make one and that does not work as well.

Second, have scissors handy so that you can cut the tape off for each participant. I always have a pair with me at our Girl Scout meetings and they were very useful.

Third, make sure you use candy that won’t come unwrapped when the tape is being ripped off. I was originally going ot use Hershey Kisses but the foil came off too easily. You don’t even have to use candy, you can also use small toys if you like, or toy coins the girls can trade in later for other items. Heck, why not use real coins and make them ecstatic. Pennies are just as much fun for little ones as quarters.

Have sandwich bags ready for them to place their haul in to take it home.

They girls loved the game, from Daisy to Cadette. We used an Aqua CD for the music and I let the ball be passed for about 20 seconds each time. I did keep track to make sure every girl got a chance at unwrapping the ball.